PICKitPlus for PICkit 2 and PICkit 3 Programmers

Support for the latest Microchip microcontrollers using the PICKitPlus applications.  PICKitPlus provides a low-cost option to use the PICkit programmers.

PICKitPlus for the PICkit 2 Programmer

Supports  the latest Microchip microcontrollers and a wide range of EEPROMs using a PICkit 2 Programmer.

PICKitPlus for the PICkit 3 Programmer

Supports  the latest Microchip microcontrollers and a wide range of EEPROMs using a PICkit 3 Programmer..   

PICKitCommandLine for PICkit 2 and PICkit 3 Programmers

PICKitCommandLine provides a low-cost option for simple integration with compilers and IDEs via the command line.

PICKitAutoWatch for PICkit 2 and PICkit 3 Programmers

PICKitAutoWatch is the easy method to automate programming with point and click IDE integration.

PICKitPlus as a Service

The PICKitPlus development team can help you, or your organisation, deliver your projects through optimising and supporting design activities or simply be part of solution development and delivery team.  


The PICKitPlus team provides software and hardware that interfaces with IoT devices.  We want to enable you to easily program, read and verify your projects code when using microcontrollers and EEPROMs. We also design and manufacture hardware like LCD controllers and sensors that make development easier.

We aim to help you avoid the complexities of full-featured Integrated Development Environments by making things easy.  Our software is the easiest way to work with microcontrollers and EEPROMs.   PICKitPlus software leverages the investment made in the PICKit 2 and PICKit 3 programmers to reduce the learning curve and the development time, and our hardware solutions are kits that are easy to build then you can integrate the solutions into your projects.

We are a UK based team. We design, develop and support our solutions from the UK. 

PICKitPlus portfolio of applications

Our software supports  Windows XP to Windows 10, Linux and Raspberry Pi. To see the specifics of an application, or to join the Beta programs, select here.  We support our applications and the associated parts database - you will receive regular updates to the software and parts database as we add more capabilities



Buying PICKitPlus Software

Buying PICKitPlus software is simple - buy via PayPal.   We process your request when we get confirmation from PayPal, this may take a few hours.  Then, we complete an Export Controlled or Sanctioned Countries, Entities and Persons assessment. 

We work extended UK office hours.  We will send your user specific download information as soon as practical.


We have listed our most popular software below


PICKitPlus Basic Suite: This suite provides the core applications for a typical user.

  • The suite contains the two PICKitPlus GUI applications and PICKitCommandLine application.

£23 GBPClick to go to PayPal payment page


PICKitPlus Flex Suite:  This suite provides the best experience for the typical user, developers and the professional developer community.

  • This suite is the PICKitPlus Basic Suite plus PICKitAutoWatch. 
  • This suite is the best value for money.  
  • PICKitAutoWatch supports our supported parts plus the Microchip Programmers-on-Board of the Microchip Xpress Boards products.

£30 GBPClick to go to PayPal payment page


PICKitGangProgrammer: This standalone application is for those who need to program multiple microcontrollers, typically, in a production environment.

  • Supports gang programming - up to 16 programmers.

£100 GBPClick to go to PayPal payment page

PICKitPlus Hardware  

We have a growing list of hardware solutions - the latest products are shown below.  See the Our Hardware tab for more details.

PICKit 2 Programmer Kit  

  • Build your own PICKit 2 programmer.  A simple kit that enables you to build and then use your own PICKit 2 programmer.
  • We are accepting orders for the PICKit 2 programmer kit now, see here.

PICKitPlus LCD Rucksack  

  • The flexible way to connect an LCD to a microcontroller that supports I2C, SPI and Serial communications.
  • A simple kit you can build and then use.  Provided with documentation and examples.
  • We are accepting orders for the PICKit 2 programmier kit now, see here.  

Online Resources

PICKitPlus has a number of resources to help you do even more.

  • Find our community to help your software usage here.
  • Email us here for help, advice or to ask a question.

Github and Social

There are many ways to contribute to PICKitPlus: