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Buying PICKitPlus software is simple - buy via PayPal.   We process your request when we get confirmation from PayPal, this may take a few hours.  Then, we complete an Export Controlled or Sanctioned Countries, Entities and Persons assessment. 

We work extended UK office hours. So, please be patient for a few hours then we will send you your user specific download information.


Application Operating System PayPal Link

PICKitPlus Flex Suite for PICkit2 and PICkit3

  1. PICKit2Plus for PICkit2 Programmer
  2. PICKit3Plus for PICkit3 Programmer
  3. PICKitCommandling for PICkit2 and PICkit3 Programmers
  4. PICKitAutowatch for PICkit2 and PICkit3 Programmers
Windows Operating Sytems  £30 GBP or local equivalent 

PICKitPlus Basic Suite for PICkit2 and PICKit3

  1. PICKit2Plus for PICkit2 Programmer
  2. PICKit3Plus for PICkit3 Programmer
  3. PICKitCommandline for PICkit2 and PICkit3 Programmers
Windows Operating Sytems  £23 GBP or local equivalent 

PKCMD-LX for PICkit2 and PICkit3 for Linux

  1. PICKitCommandlLine for Linux as a standalone product for the PICkit2 or PICkit3 programmers

Beta program only - contact us to join the program.

Email us here

PKCMD-Pi for PICkit2 and PICkit3 for Pi

  1. PICKitCommandlLine for Raspberry Pi as a standalone product for the PICkit2 or PICkit3 programmers
Raspberry Pi flavors of Linux

Beta program to be announced.  Please contact us to join the program.  

Email us here

PICKitGangProgrammer for Windows

  1. PICKitGang for Windows as a standalone product for for the PICkit2 or PICkit3 programmers

    Supports up to 16  programmers.
    Can be a mixture of PICkit2 or PICkit3 programmers
Windows Operating Sytems  £100 GBP or local equivalent