TinyBootLoader+ BootLoaders


bootloader, also known as a boot program or bootstrap loader, is software that loads into the program memory of a microcontroller after start-up.   The bootloader permits easy updating of the user program via serial communication, then the  bootloader then passes control to the user program.

Developing custom bootloader code can be a complex and a time consuming process.  To assist developers the PICKitPlus provides a  service that will generate bootloader firmware for your specific microcontroller.   

We make it very simple.  We have developed automated software that means we can easily configure the bootloader to meet your needs. 

What can you change to make it specific for your needs?

The bootloader is a serial bootloader using the USART of the microcontroller.  

You can configure the following the parameters. 

  • Configuration  - we provided a guide to make this easy.
  • Frequency 
  • Baud Rate
  • Startup Delay
  • Serial Ports - either PPS or AFP


To obtain ?

Just drop us an email stating your requirements.  Send us the completed form, see below, to pickitplus@anobium.co.uk.


What are the supported microcontrollers?

The table below can be used to identify the correct bootloader for you.


If your specific microcontroller is not listed. Please ask us as we may have omitted.  But, to determine the microcontroller requires a USART, internal oscillator and Self-Write capability - most modern Microchip microcontrollers.


Microcontroller type   Supported microcontrollers Comments
Legacy 16F microcontrollers      



The bootloader is less than 100 words, uses USART, the internal oscillator
Advanced 16F microcontrollers



The bootloader is less than 100 words, supports PPS and HEF or SAF.
  The bootloader is less than 128 words, supports PPS and HEF or SAF.
Advanced 16F microcontrollers PIC18F  



Bootloader Request form

Simply copy and complete this form.  Then, send to us.  We will send you a operation HEX as soon as practical.


   Item   Detail Your requirement Guidance
 1 CHIP    Specify chip shown above
 2 FREQUENCY    Any valid internal frequency.  The fastest the better.
 3 BAUD RATE   Select 19200 or 115200 BPS
 5 TIMERDELAY    Specify startup delay, defaults to 1 second
 7 CONFIG   Specify valid config
 8 PPS   Specify valid RX and TX ports