PICKitGangProgrammer (early adopter release)

Support gang programming up to 16 programmers, which can be any combination of PICkit 2 or PICkit 3 programmers .


  • The PICKitGangProgrammer Application software is a new approach to gany programming using up to 16 programmers which can be any combination of PICkit2 and PICkit3 programmers.
  • Supports remote operations via in-built TCP server support for factory integration.
  • Reporting and logging of operations for Quality Assurance support.
  • Same support for old chips and new chips and this provides an easist method to integrate compilers, IDEs and existing development toolchains with  PICKitPlus. See here for the supported list.
  • PICKitGangProgrammer has full language support.

What are the networking requirements to program parts?


To operate the software, in terms of programming, you do not require a network connection.   

If you did want to check the version of the parts database then you would need to connect to the internet... or, you could look on our GitHub site.


What is included in my user license?


One year software support/maintenance plus free updates the parts database.